Nutrition Coaching

with Gem Fitness

We all know eating well is the hardest part of losing weight. This program is the solution you have been looking for to stay accountable and on track with your meal plan. 

If you have the workouts down pat, but need some help getting on a meal plan (...not a diet!) and actually sticking to it, this program is for you. 

I have designed this monthly subscription program to help women like you to stop the on and off dieting... heck, stop the dieting all together. 

I am going to give you a simple, enjoyable, and effective meal plan that will help you lose weight without restricting calories or the food you love. 

The best part... I want you to be able to actually stick to the meal plan long term, so as part of this monthly subscription, you will be checking in with me every week for the ultimate accountability. 

So, it is pretty simple, friend. 

I will make you a custom meal plan and I will help you to follow through on it. It is a total win.

Ready to get started? Click the link below to schedule your free consult call today! Any questions? Email me at