Suggested Supplements for Fat Loss

Supplements are not required, but they are part of your plan and come very highly recommended. I personally take all of these recommended supplements and fully trust 1st Phorm to produce the highest quality supplements on the market.

Supplements are a very important tool for success when it comes to losing weight, gaining muscle, or improving overall health. They will not fix bad nutrition or not working out, they will instead fill gaps in nutrition, boost results in the gym, and build a solid foundation to overall health.  

The following list is in order of importance (highest first). By using the links below you will get free shipping on all your orders!

Post Workout Stack

Now that you are going to be kicking butt consistently with this new personalized workout program, I want you to make the most out of your workouts. This post workout stack is a shake that you will drink immediately after working out. The purpose of this shake is to jumpstart your muscle recovery, which means you will be less sore, stronger, and ready to burn more fat.  

The abslute fastest way to improve your results is to get on the most efficient post-workout routine by using Phormula-1and Igntion. Period.

The Daily Stack

Micronutrient deficiencies lead to a host of issuses including: being tired, feeling fatigued, being bloated, being unable to lose weight, having joint pain, and many chronic health issues.

OptiGreens50 is a premium greens and superfoods supplement that is made up of 50 ingredients. Get all your fruits, veggies, digestive enzymes, and probiotics in one shot!

MicroFactor is a high quality, comprehensive daily micro-nutrient pack that contains 6 components: multivitamin, fruits and veggies, probiotics, CoQ10, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. 

Level-1 Meal Replacement Protein

When you are super busy with work and taking care of your family it is easy to skip meals or to just go through the drive -thru. Well, no more! With Level-1, it tastes so good that you can mix it with just water, shake it, and bam - you have a clean, healthy meal in less than a minute!

It is also good for baking healthy homemade treats with!

Royal 21 Queen Fat Burning Stack

Once you have ordered and implemented the 3 foundational supplements above, you can implement this stack to really kick your fat burning up a notch by helping you to burn fat 24 hours a day. 

Core-21 is a cortisol reducer that will help you get a better quality sleep at night to reduce fat storage

Thyro-21 is a natural metabolism booster that will help boost your metabolic rate. 

Royal-21 is a fat burner and appetite surpressant.

1st Phorm offers a variety of other high quality, premium products such as pre-workouts, BCAA's, creatine, pre-natal vitamins, joint mobility and more. You can feel free to browse at your leisure to see if there is anything else that may fit your wants and needs. If you are unsure about anything or have any questions, please email me. I would be glad to help! Don't forget supplement coaching is included in your coaching package, so we will also discuss this in further detail as our time together goes on.